Our Products

With it’s non porous surface and its ability to be manufactured into custom shapes and sizes, Aztec Engineered Composites are an ideal product for bathroom showers, vanity tops or bathtubs. Because Aztec is a cast product, vanity tops have the ability to include an intregal sink and backsplash making it virtually maintenance free.

For the bathroom shower, the Aztec product line has standard size shower pans as well as custom shower floors to fit any remodel project. If you are looking for a shower that will replace an existing standard tub, Aztec has a shower pan just for that purpose. Aztec also manufactures ADA and wheelchair accessible showers for those who are needing a low or no threshold shower.

Along with manufacturing, Aztec is also an importer and distributor of materials and fixtures to the kitchen and bath industry.  Please contact us to learn how we can help your business.